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The Current Situation Of Popular Optical Transceivers

At present, there are mainly three optical transceivers on the market: original, second-hand and compatible transceivers. These are characteristics of them:

  • Original optical transceivers:

The quality is the best but price is several times expensive than that of compatible one with one-year warranty period. It can only be used for the device of the same brand.

  • Second-hand optical transceivers:

The common second-hand transceivers on the market are all branded. The price is very low but quality is not guaranteed, which may have various problems, and it also can only be used for the device of the same brand.

  • Compatible optical transceivers:

The quality and performance of a good compatible optical transceiver is almost the same as that of the original one, but price is low, and warranty is generally three years. It can be compatible with major brands, but the quality is various. So you should pay attention to the specific parameters when selecting it.

It is best to choose a branded optical transceiver when budget is enough. If not, the compatibility transceiver is the best. Second-hand are not recommended.

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