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Development and Market Prospects of Optical Modules

Optical modules have important applications in the field of optical communication. With the development of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, there is an increasing demand for high-speed and high-bandwidth data communication, and optical modules play a key role in this. So what exactly are optical modules used for?

Optical modules are modules that realize the mutual conversion of optical signals and electrical signals. Optical modules convert the electrical signals generated by devices into optical signals, making it possible for data to be transmitted in optical fibers. Optical fiber transmission is faster and more resistant to interference than traditional cable transmission. In high-end data centers, cloud computing, 5G, and other fields, the application of optical modules greatly promotes the upgrade and development of communication technology.

Based on the optimistic outlook for the optical module market, investors are concerned about which sector optical modules belong to. The editor is here to answer this question for everyone. Optical modules mainly belong to the technology sector, and the growth prospects and prospects of the technology sector have attracted more and more attention from investors. In the field of optical module stocks, it can be seen that Zhongjixuchuang (300308), Huagong Technology (000988), Xinyisheng (300502), and Guangxun Technology (002281) are all very good (for reference only, not investment advice, the stock market is risky and investment needs to be cautious). In recent years, with the rise of 5G construction and data center demand, the optical module market has become increasingly hot. Of course, investors should also pay attention to the recent performance of the leading stocks in the optical module market and the progress of new product research and development to obtain more accurate information.

Relevant departments predict that the optical module market is expected to exceed 20 billion US dollars in 2027 and is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the next few years. In 2023, especially in the second half of the year, the market is expected to rapidly increase the production of 800G optical modules. In terms of layout of the 800G optical module, some companies have already achieved small-scale supply, product sampling, and product research and development through technological reserves and product strength, etc. At the same time, many well-known domestic and foreign companies are also competing to build the optical module ecosystem.

Overall, optical modules are an important strategic component of future communication business development with enormous potential.


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